aStore Proxy for amazon affiliates

Would you like your aStore to be inline rather than in a frame or iframe? Also, would you like to get complete visit statistics and make your aStore search engine friendly (astore seo)? aStore Proxy is the solution.

aStore SEO, Better Usability, Realtime aStore Traffic Tracking and Increased Contextual Ad Revenue

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What is aStore Proxy?

aStore Proxy is a software that you can install on your web server to enable your Amazon aStore to be inline within your website rather than placing it in a frame or iframe.

Enter your aStore URL to see how aStore Proxy works
or simply visit The Web Entreprenuer Store.

Note: The url you enter should be your astore link on and not your website url where you currently place your astore in the frame. Something like or

aStore Proxy works with astores from all the countries that Amazon operates (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and Canada).

aStore Drawbacks

Amazon's aStore is a great way for Amazon affiliates to quickly build an ecommerce store front without writing any code. However, it has a few drawbacks for the affiliates. They are listed below

aStore Proxy Benefits (aStore SEO, Usability and more)

"The average business metrics improvement after a usability redesign is now 83%. This is substantially less than 6 years ago, but ROI remains high because usability is still cheap relative to gains" - Usability ROI Declining, But Still Strong.

Also, take a look at this nice forum thread on how to increase site conversion.

Is it better than the competition?

If you prefer quality software that resides on your server and also get an excellent support, then aStore Proxy is the right solution for you.

How does it work?

Easy. You install aStore Proxy software on your server and do simple configuration, create a html template of your main web page that contains your inline aStore and you are good to go. Everytime a user visits your inline aStore page on your website and browses it, the corresponding page is pulled from amazon's aStore server, the links in it are rewritten to point back to your website and then dipslay the aStore page. Any clicks within the aStore goes back to the aStore Proxy script that then repeats the process fetching the page from Amazon's aStore server.

Is the use of aStore Proxy allowed under Amazon TOS?

Used the associates feedback form and asked

"Is it allowed to use a proxy software on my webserver and fetch my aStore content and blend it with the rest of my website html and display it rather than using an iframe?"

and the reply was

"As long as you display all the content of your aStore, then yes you can use the software on your server to obtain the content to display on your web site. You are not required to use an iframe."

aStore Proxy displays all the content of an aStore. Visit The Web Entreprenuer Store, an example astore created using aStore Proxy script.

How do I get started?

Please read the terms and if you decide to buy aStore Proxy then email for system requirements (what your website hosting solution should support to run aStore Proxy). Please indicate your website, hosting infrastructure (linux vs windows, support for cgi scripts, perl and php) so that we can try to evaluate if aStore Proxy works for you or not. Please check the list of web hosting solutions with discount coupons known to work for our customers.

Single Domain License$19.99 USD
Unlimited Domain License
(for personal use only)
$59.99 USD

This is not a get rich quick scam, but a clever technical solution for a real annoying problem. Once you get your aStore show up inline using aStore Proxy, you still need to do all the hardwork required to get visitors to your website, astore seo etc. aStore Proxy is only a first step that helps get your aStore content directly on your website.

aStore Proxy software is no way associated with Amazon

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